So just how do you get to Hamilton and Mohawk College!? There are many options for travel into our beautiful and industrious city.

The street address for the Mohawk College Residence is: 245 Fennell Ave. West, Hamilton, ON, L9C 7V7 .

Hamilton does have an international airport, the John C. Munroe Airport. This is a convenient option however, flights run less frequently then into Toronto and can often be more expense. Although, it is worth checking as good deals can be found!

Your easiest route into Hamilton is to fly into Toronto’s Pearson Airport and then take a taxi or limo into Hamilton. Cars can be picked up from Terminal 1 – Arrivals level, taxis from Door D and limos from Door C. Maps for Pearson Airport can be found online at Terminal Maps. A one-way trip into Hamilton takes about an hour and will cost approximately $100. Typically the cost of a flight into Toronto plus the addition of the car service is cheaper then flying directly into Hamilton. Return cars can be booked in advance. Aeroport Taxi and Toronto Pearson Limousine are two car services to consider.

If you are looking for alternatives or are coming from points that don’t require travel through Toronto, we have put together an exhaustive list of choices! You can download the full list of travel options or choose an individual list that best meets your needs:

For questions or assistance, please contact the Conference Planning Committee.

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