Idea Fair

The Idea Fair is an opportunity for conference participants to share exciting projects or publications in a casual format. To be hosted on the evening of May 26th, attendees can grab a glass of wine or an appetizer and mingle while dialoguing about archival concepts and project ideas. Presentations can take the form of a poster display or an audio-visual talk to be offered in a quick 10-15 minute review. 

Idea Fair Participants

Greg J, Humbert: Catholic Hospitals Digital History Books Collection

Theresa Vogel, Diocese of Victoria: Disaster Planning

Linda Wicks, Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto: Directory of Religious Archives in Canada

Sharon Riel, Archivist, Archdiocese of Halifax – Yarmouth: Young Canada Works

David Bureau, Archivist, Centre d’archives et de documentation Roland-Gauthier, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Montreal: La Basilique Imaginaire Virtual Exhibition

Ideas big and small are welcome!  Have a project you want to share?  Send us an email at