Greg Humbert

Greg J. Humbert, BA, BTh., MDiv. was the first official archivist for the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie, holding the position for close to twenty years. Without formal training as an archivist he possessed a great deal of passion and “stick-with-it-ness.” In that capacity he edited and annotated the journals for the first two bishops of the diocese, as well as woite an introductory biography of Bishop David Joseph Scollard. At the time he also wrote The Lighter Side of Heaven: Anecdotes of the Priests of the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie.

While working at the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada in Ottawa for ten years in marketing and publications, he researched, edited and compiled A Compendium of the Catholic Health Association of Canada. At the time he also founded the Catholic Hospitals Digital History Books Collection, a website that seeks to document the legacy and contribution of the Congregations of Religious Women in Canada, their mission in health care, and the founding and operation of Catholic hospitals. Since retiring he continues with the project as a volunteer.

He has a passion for the arts, enjoys reading, and has a new found passion for gardening and landscaping. Greg lives in Crystal Falls on the shores of Lake Tomiko with his wife Jennie who is a recently retired Nurse Practitioner.